WIW Monday & Tuesday

Monday: Basic cardigan, blouse and pants outfit.

I've lost some weight recently and all my trousers look saggy. I guess the weight loss is a good thing, but the saggy bottoms...not so much. I'll be looking for new pants this fall.

Tuesday: Another variation on the denim jacket+skirt/dress formula. I sewed the red dress and am happy it's warm enough to finally wear it.


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H&M Military Jacket - Added More Photos

I just bought this H&M Military jacket today. I have always loved these very structured styles. Does it look ok on my figure? Do you like it styled in any of the ways I have pictured below? Suggestions are welcome too.

ETA: See pictures 5-8. 

Thanks for the suggestions! Thanks to Suz for the suggestion to try lower contrast tops and bottoms. I think that helps. Also, I felt the pencil skirts + boxy jacket made me look awfully rectangular, so I tried fuller skirts. 5 will work. I can't wear the dress in 6 anymore b/c I've gained too much weight and can't breathe in it. I'll either have to lose weight or sew a larger dress :) Also, thanks for the suggestion to try a simpler top. I keep trying to wear that silk pussy bow blouse and never feel very good in it. It may be time to toss it.


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WIW - Volume on Volume

I think this outfit looks better in person than it does in these photos. I could be delusional, though.

The colors of the sweater and the trousers definitely are more harmonious. The flash did strange things to the color of the sweater.

What do you think? Is this slouchy in a good way or slouchy in a sloppy way?

Sweater: Free People (this sweater kills two trendy birds wtih one stone, i.e. the high-low hem and the lace back)
Brooks Brothers Shirt
Banana Republic Martin Trousers
My good old black and white oxfords


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WIW - Attempt at Timeless Ageless Casual Formula

Some of the pieces need refinement (longer jeans, looser t-shirt, better scarf), but this formula is such a good one that even imperfect pieces can work successfully together.

See Angie's post for inspiration:



Styling Advice for a Dress I Made

My poses below are awkward, so hopefully that's not too distracting for you to take a look at this and give me some suggestions for styling this dress. I love how it fits (it's not bunchy in the back...my torso's twisted), but am a little worried that the strappy style + plaid might read Catholic Schoolgirl. What would you add to this to give the outfit a little more drama?

Thank you, as always!


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White Pants in Winter

At the Seattle meetup today, Jenava talked me into buying these BR white trousers. I wasn't confident that I could make them work in my wardrobe, so I played dress-up this evening. What do you think? Are any of these successes? Any of these do-not-repeats? Thanks in advance for your advice!

P.S. It was so much fun seeing many of you today!

P.P.S. I'll try not to be such a stranger on the forum. I realized how much I miss all of you today :)

P.P.P.S. I ordered the Sam Edelman snakeskin booties recommended by Angie, so they'll help make white trousers outfits a little more cozy for the cold and the wet.


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I Made Pink Pants by Accident

This was supposed to just be a test of a new pattern I was interested in. I'd say the pattern worked out pretty well. I haven't sewn the waistband or hemmed them yet, and they certainly will need a good pressing...but I may be the proud new owner of pink pants.

What do you think? Is the fit ok (try to ignore the color for a moment)? You can be honest with me. :)

If they're not a travesty, what does one wear with pink pants so one doesn't look like Barbie?

Recommendations for pear figures to wear darker colors on their bottoms may be valid. These pants make my bottom look enormous. I don't care...much, lol.


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Clothing Swap: My Fashion Show

Yesterday's swap was one of the most fun things I've done recently! Thank you, Antje & Angie for doing all the hard work to make it possible.

So many people showed up that I didn't really get a chance to speak to them all, which was a shame. There were lots of new faces (at least to me), and it was enjoyable getting to know those ladies. It was also great catching up with some of the forum regulars.

There were quite a few clothes and shoes to look through as well as a table of accessories. I had a great time sorting through it all and trying on lots of things. I was actually quite surprised by how much I hauled home. Many thanks to those of you who contributed to my wardrobe refresher. I love all of these new-to-me items and expect them all to get quite a bit of wear.

Pictures 1&2 - What I wore to the swap, including my home-sewn dress and some earrings that received a few compliments.

#3 - I LOVE this dress. So fun!

Picture #4 - this top is on the snug side, but it's good for layering under things, like the vest in #5.

#6 - a nice basic in a great color.

#7 - This scarf is a gorgeous print and in some of my favorite colors!

#8-10 - I was happy to find some warmer weather items. I don't have many right now.

#11 is one of my absolute favorite things. Thanks Jenava!! It goes really well with this hat of my husbands, don't you think? (Picture 12) Just kidding ;) Jenava suggested that I shorten the collar, but right now, I like it as-is.

#13 - Super cute jacket! It doesn't look great with jeans here, but works very nicely with a skirt or dress. I love the stripes and the special buttons.

#14-15 - a couple of blouses

All the clothes and shoes were great, but Angie's cake, Kari's quiche and the mimosas were really tasty and well worth coming for all by themselves!


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Scarf or Belt, Both or None?

What do you think?

(My husband was in the background teasing me, hence the goofy expressions.)


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Conceding Defeat

You all look great in your neutral outfits. I'm trying to study what made your outfits work because mine just didn't...at least in a way that made ME happy.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to photograph my outfits this week, because work and home life have just spun out of control (too much going on), so you'll have to rely on words rather than pictures.

I received some compliments at work on my outfits, which was nice, BUT, my neutral ensembles made me feel blah and unhappy. I have two observations about this.

1. Seattle is gray and dreary this time of year. Wearing gray makes me feel like I'm succumbing to the dull, depressing aspect of the season.

2. My moods are strongly affected by color. I need a pop of color somewhere on my person to make me feel happy. Browns, grays, navys, blacks, whites, etc. just don't do it for me UNLESS there is a bold, high-contrast print going on somewhere. Most of my neutral pieces are plain solids, which I use as backdrops for the more interesting parts of my outfits.