WIW 10.30.13 - Fully Clothed

I slept in this morning. I'm exhausted from a grueling work week. Some days, you have to be content with making it out the door with a shirt on.

Sweater: Anthropologie
T-shirt: Merona
Trousers: Martins from BR

I believe I've figured out why the Martins make me feel dumpy. They look great on other people. The problem, for me, is the pockets. They're positioned right where my hip bones jut out and cause the pockets to flare outward making me look even broader in that area.

Just great. Another "issue" to add to my very long list of pant shopping criteria.


WIW 10.29.13 - Put a Bow on It

I often feel my best in a combination of skirt/dress + something whimsical + something homemade. This pushes all of those buttons for me.

Sweater: Banana Republic
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Skirt: Made by Me
Booties: Kelly and Katie


WIW 10.28.13 - Leather Jacket + Pencil Skirt

I thought I'd give Angie's leather jacket and pencil skirt formula a try. This is my only leather jacket, which I don't wear all that often. It's good to take it out for a spin now and then.

Skirt and jacket: Halogen
Top: Vincent Camuto
Boots: Clarks


WIW 10.25.13 Part 2 - Dressed to the 9's

I feel like I'm going to the prom, lol.

Going to a cocktail party at the Seattle Aquarium with my husband and his work mates.

I tried the snakeskin pumps Jenava recommended in another post, but the tone was off, sadly. They would have been much more fun than these beige pumps.

I couldn't find a clutch I liked either, but I'll keep looking.



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WIW 10.25.13 - Pink & Purple (and a hilarious shopping mistake)

Casual Friday!

Jacket: W118 (bought from Anna)
Umbrella Sweater: handknit by me
Pants: Loft Scuba Straight Ankle Pants. (I let them down an inch. Hope that looks ok!)
Shoes: Painful horrid things. I'm going to toss after today and replace with something better

Shopping Mistake:

After Angie posted an outfit idea for white jeans in winter, I decided to try it. I have some white jeans on order. I also bought the leopard print sweater pictured in the ensemble from the Gap in size 8 (M).

The jeans still aren't here, but the sweater arrived and it was immediately apparent that something was wrong.

I bought a size 8 children's sweater! Oops. Luckily, my daughter likes it :) hahaha.


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WIW 10.24.13 - This Looked a Lot Better in the Mirror

I like the idea of this outfit a lot, but think the blouse isn't quite right. Thinking about Angie's blog post today, I think the blouse is too fluid for this rigid jacket.

It's hard to post outfits which I'm not thrilled with. It makes me feel vulnerable. I'm sucking it up and doing it anyway, because I learn a lot from this process.

Thanks, as always, for your comments.

Anywho...busy day today, so better get to it.

Jacket: Target
Blouse: Portofino from Express
Trousers: Lafayette
Shoes: Crown Vintage


WIW 10.23.13 - Minimal & Dark for Me

This outfit bossed me around instead of the other way. I *tried* to make it more lively with accessories and other colors, but it refused. I gave in.

Jacket: Classiques Entier (an orphan...trying to wear it more)
Skirt: Halogen seamed pencil skirt
Tights: leopard print semi-sheer from Target
Boots: Munro
Turtleneck - ??


WIW 10.22.13 - Navy & Gold

Not much to say about this one, although I'm a little uncertain about my choice in tights and footwear. I like the idea of book-ending with my top...but just not sure. If I were to wear nude pantyhose, I'd probably have to buy new shoes...so I'm working with what I have.

Also, my camera flash changed the color of the skirt dramatically. It's a somewhat lighter version of the gold in the blouse.

I'm wearing the Munro booties recommended by Angie and am in love with them. They're sleek, not too gape-y around the ankle and comfy as slippers.


WIW 10.21.13 - Navy & Purple

Figure flattery has become a bigger priority for me lately. I appreciate having a healthy, somewhat fit body, but my figure is not an uncomplicated clothes hanger.

I'm generally a pear with a bit of hourglass thrown in. Unfortunately recommendations for those figure types don't always work because I'm short-waisted and have a high hip. Belts and tucking tend to emphasize my short upper torso. Fit and flare outfits can be nice...or they can be a disaster depending upon where the flare starts.

Today, I'm experimenting with a longer top that doesn't emphasize the waist. Wearing a skirt shortens the appearance of my legs a little bit.

The wide angle lens on my camera makes me look even shorter, lol :) It's like a funhouse mirror!


WIW 10.18.13 - Variation on a Theme

I'm trying to make the elements of this outfit work better.

Sweater: H&M
Top: Made by Me
Belt: ?
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Clarks

Something's not working right here...is it that the tops are hitting at my hip bone and drawing attention there? Or something else? Suggestions welcome.