WIW 9/24 - A bit of whimsy

Other than my handknit sweater, this outfit feels rather boring to me. It doesn't get any more simple than a pair of pants and a pullover. I'll have to work on more interesting ways of styling this top. All suggestions are welcome!

When I was knitting this, some of my friends asked me if I was making it for my 9 yo daughter. I suppose the bright purple/pink/green combo (colors are not true in photo) and the motif do read as juvenile, but I'm not going to worry about that too much. Next time, I'll knit something out of rope and bedeck it with studs. That should toughen up my look!


WIW 9/20 (Anna made me do it)

Hi ladies, long time no see! Anna made me promise to post a WIW picture, so here it is. I'm afraid the quality is terrible, but at least I'm keeping my promise :)

All of these things are old pieces, except the shoes. The red shoes are a recent buy at Nordie's Rack.They are Via Spigas.

I haven't done much clothes shopping at all this year, but I can't seem to resist the shoes. Look at the funny spotted shoes I bought last spring: :)


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