WIW 12/27 - This top makes me crave lemon meringue

Another trousers outfit. Your suggestions for improvement are always welcome and much appreciated!

I suspect this top is a little bit on the small side, since it won't stay put over my hips, but I was taken in by the bright and cheery color. I've made worse purchasing mistakes.

These are beautiful grey wool pants. I just let down the hem another inch and they felt gloriously swingy and fun.

Lemon yellow top from TJ Maxx (not sure of brand)
Grey wool BR Martin Trousers
Crown Vintage Oxfords
vintage gold bracelet


WIW - Volume on Volume

I think this outfit looks better in person than it does in these photos. I could be delusional, though.

The colors of the sweater and the trousers definitely are more harmonious. The flash did strange things to the color of the sweater.

What do you think? Is this slouchy in a good way or slouchy in a sloppy way?

Sweater: Free People (this sweater kills two trendy birds wtih one stone, i.e. the high-low hem and the lace back)
Brooks Brothers Shirt
Banana Republic Martin Trousers
My good old black and white oxfords


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WIW - Attempt at Timeless Ageless Casual Formula

Some of the pieces need refinement (longer jeans, looser t-shirt, better scarf), but this formula is such a good one that even imperfect pieces can work successfully together.

See Angie's post for inspiration:



Layers and then some

I'm not sure how I feel about this experiment. It started out as an attempt to copy that district of chic outfit I posted about yesterday, but the layered top wasn't short enough, so I tucked it in. My office is really cold, so I threw on the jacket at the last minute.

I wanted to wear my booties and wasn't going to be denied by pants that were too short. I'm such a rule-breaker.

There wasn't enough time to edit, which probably would have been a good thing.


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Styling Advice for a Dress I Made

My poses below are awkward, so hopefully that's not too distracting for you to take a look at this and give me some suggestions for styling this dress. I love how it fits (it's not bunchy in the back...my torso's twisted), but am a little worried that the strappy style + plaid might read Catholic Schoolgirl. What would you add to this to give the outfit a little more drama?

Thank you, as always!


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White Pants in Winter

At the Seattle meetup today, Jenava talked me into buying these BR white trousers. I wasn't confident that I could make them work in my wardrobe, so I played dress-up this evening. What do you think? Are any of these successes? Any of these do-not-repeats? Thanks in advance for your advice!

P.S. It was so much fun seeing many of you today!

P.P.S. I'll try not to be such a stranger on the forum. I realized how much I miss all of you today :)

P.P.P.S. I ordered the Sam Edelman snakeskin booties recommended by Angie, so they'll help make white trousers outfits a little more cozy for the cold and the wet.


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