I Made Pink Pants by Accident

This was supposed to just be a test of a new pattern I was interested in. I'd say the pattern worked out pretty well. I haven't sewn the waistband or hemmed them yet, and they certainly will need a good pressing...but I may be the proud new owner of pink pants.

What do you think? Is the fit ok (try to ignore the color for a moment)? You can be honest with me. :)

If they're not a travesty, what does one wear with pink pants so one doesn't look like Barbie?

Recommendations for pear figures to wear darker colors on their bottoms may be valid. These pants make my bottom look enormous. I don't care...much, lol.


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WIW - Oops--Too Wacky for Work

Well...It was cool in my imagination. I even felt good when I left home this morning.

Unfortunately, I don't think this went over so well at work. People kept staring at my hips when the were talking to me, so I suspect they though my skirt was caught up funny under my jacket...as if it got stuck in the waistband of my underwear or something.

Oh well.

Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!

Jacket: swap find (I'm in denial about this being too small)
Dress: Made-by-me
Boots: Clarks


WIW - A Casual Outfit for a Relaxed Day

Here's a casual outfit--it's a far cry from what I would have worn last year. I love this sassy polka-dotted top! My robot necklace got a lot of love from people today too, so that made me happy.

As usual, thanks for taking the time to comment. Suggestions are always welcome!

Top: Pleione
Tank: Hinge
Jeans: Jag
Sandals: Merona


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WIW - Not quite right layering

Last night, when I planned this outfit, I thought it would be really...peppy and fun. It was close to what I envisioned, but not...quite...right. The layers didn't play as nicely together as I had hoped. Nevertheless, it was comfortable enough for playing with the kids. My son beat me at basketball, but my daughter couldn't run fast enough to avoid being caught by the MOMster.

Earlier, I wore loafers instead of the sandals. They looked more polished, but my feet grew too warm in them. The sandals were a relief!

Blouse: Brooks Brothers
Knit top: Style & Co.
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Merona


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WIW - Miami Vice

My husband thinks my Eliza J jacket belongs on the set of Miami Vice.


I'm also wearing an Ann Taylor blouse and Lafayette 148 pants, which seem to be worth every penny I spent on them (and that was quite a few). Finally, pants that are comfy off the rack!


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WIW - Retro Style Dress a la Shannon

I loved the silhouette of the dress Shannon wore recently, which inspired me to pull out a similar one.

This is a sewn-by-me dress. It has some fit issues, which I hope to correct if I sew this pattern again, but was ok for today. I paired it with my leopard print belt and sandals.


WIW - Layering tops - Inspired by Angie and Sveta

You always see me at my most rumpled, I'm afraid. Here I am after a long day at work.

Angie and Sveta often sport sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts layered over button down shirts. I just had to give it a try myself!

I'm wearing a tank I found at the YLF Swap over a thrifted white blouse. Also like Angie and Sveta, turned up the cuffs on my blouse.

You can't really see it in this photo, but I have a long necklace over both adding a bit of sparkle.

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated as always!


WIW to the Opera

Anna, her friend, Natasha, and I went to see Mme. Butterfly last night. It was a really lovely performance.

I had a difficult time figuring out what to wear. First of all, I knew I'd be seeing Anna, who is always dressed to the nines when I see her and I wanted to be well turned out. In addition, it was quite chilly only a few days ago, but heated up suddenly. I didn't trust the weather. I didn't know whether I'd regret having too many layers or too few.

This outfit was ok, a little on the warm side for most of the evening, plus I spilled something on my skirt and snagged my tights...and had to sit in the car FOREVER because traffic was horrible.

It was totally worth it. I had a great time...thanks Anna! Jenava, I wish you could have made it too.


Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you mothers are doing something special today. I'm feeling nostalgic about all the wonderful times I've had with my own mother, and wish she weren't quite so far away.

I was inspired by Angie's recent post about the influence her mother had on her own sense of style to reflect on how my mother influenced me.

First of all, she and I have very different tastes, like apples and oranges, so tracking influence was difficult for me. She likes neutrals and earth tones. I like loud colors. She likes loose shapes. I am drawn to more fitted silhouettes.

She is an accomplished seamstress, however, and taught me a lot about construction and quality. We share a love of beautiful fabric...silks and wools and high count cottons make us swoon.

You can see I came by my love of polka dots naturally. No one, however, is going to get me back into a plaid suit or a sailor suit.

My mother is fun and quirky in all the best ways. Everyone loves her and my kids are her biggest fans (after me).


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WIW on a Sunny Day

Some old favorites remixed.