WIW 02/06/12 - Neutrals - Masculine Styling - Suggestions Welcome

This neutral challenge is going to be hard for me to make interesting, because most of my neutrals are solids. I'm not sure how to add interest without pattern and textures.

I tried to create a menswear vibe with my clothes. I'm not sure this totally works. I would really love some suggestions for improving this.

I wish I had some wide-legged trousers and a chunky watch.

Incidentally, I get more compliments from men on these bi-color oxfords than I do from women. Guys dig them ;)


Did Someone Say Something About Shopping for an Imaginary Lifestyle?

So...I'm currently yearning for a pair of sequined pants. I prefer the wider-legged versions over the leggings. I really love the harem style best, but just know they would look terrible on me.

You can laugh now. I certainly am.

Could I possibly wear something like that to my sister-in-law's wedding, which will take place this fall in Las Vegas? Could I wear something like that with a cropped tuxedo jacket? Is it ok to wear black to a wedding in Las Vegas, or do I have to stick to lighter/brighter colors?

Are my cold meds making me crazy?

She's getting married by Elvis, so I imagine almost anything goes fashion-wise. (I'm a little perplexed at the ultra conventional gown she selected though.) Or, does the venue not matter so much and I should stick to regular old wedding guest attire?

Talk me down, people.


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