WIW - Lousy Pantyhose Edition

Aside from the problems I had with my pantyhose today, I really liked my outfit. I took inspiration from a couple of very stylish YLFers: goldenpig and ChristyG.

I always loved goldenpig's ink blue jacket that she found at White House Black Market. I wandered in there recently and lo! it was on sale. I couldn't resist.

I didn't quite know what to wear with it though, until I saw Christy's fabulous blue/black/white outfit yesterday. It never crossed my mind to wear blue and black together, but I really like it!

Comments appreciated as always...and thanks for the inspiration!!!


WIW - Trying to Beat the Spring Chill

Drat, the forum ate my post. I'm not sure what happened. Anyway, here are two outfits I've worn recently.

The first features a new floral sweater with sparkly things on it. I like it a lot, but am not sure if it's too long for this full skirt? The picture angle may not be doing me any favors here.

#2 is a combination of old favorites. I wasn't 100% sure about mixing all of these colors, but I didn't notice anyone snickering behind my back today, so hopefully it was ok. (My hair is wet because I just got back from standing in a field in the rain to watch my daughter play soccer.)


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WIW - It's Hard Dressing in the Wee Hours of the Morning

Whatever panache/fashion creativity I may have possessed seems to be slipping away the earlier I get up for work. I'm just desperate to get clothes on so I can rush out the door and catch my bus.

I tried hard this morning, but look very rumpled. *sigh*

So, why am I posting this? Well, just because I missed you gals and wanted to prove I'm still alive, lol :)

I bought a few new things on my lunch break and can't wait to show you though.