Two Red and Black Outfits

When in doubt, go for a favorite color combo, right? Right now, I'm turning to old favorites for comfort...and I've been needing a lot of it lately. My father is currently in the hospital and has been diagnosed with bone/lung/everything cancer and the prognosis is not good. I'm hanging together by a thread and have been very thankful to have YLF for distraction.

And on that cheerful note...sorry to unload.


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WIW--Look, I do casual!

Also, Shannon, what were you saying the other day about unflattering photographs?

I think I was too tired after a long day [at work and my bus blowing a tire on the way home and having to run several blocks in heels to find another way home and then to find both my kids and husband home sick and needing TLC] to smile properly.

Oh well. The outfit was comfy! Some day, I'd like to get a white or red or pink jacket to wear with the top. This ensemble is a tad too dark for me.


Scarf or Belt, Both or None?

What do you think?

(My husband was in the background teasing me, hence the goofy expressions.)


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Two WIW's - New color combos for me

Black and Yellow - Hello!

jacket - Vince Camuto
flower - leftover from a craft project
skirt - Halogen
shoes - Clarks

I'd really like to get a nicer layering shirt to wear under this jacket. This one is nice, but too casual. That's going on my shopping list. Otherwise, I like this outfit.

It Ain't Easy Being Green

At least it's not easy when you buy a skirt made out of flax and discover that that fiber, as nice as it feels, wrinkles as much as linen, if not more. [Edited to add: flax=linen...duh]

I'm trying to de-orphanize this green jacket, which I love, but it doesn't coordinate with much of my wardrobe. The Banana Republic skirt is a disaster.

I like my new shoes, though! They're Liz Claiborne and VERY comfortable. They didn't slip off my heels.


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WIW - I may need to give up on this skirt

Every time I wear this skirt, I feel frumpy.

I had a belt on earlier, but it kept sliding upwards and was just not attractive. It's too bad this skirt doesn't have belt loops to keep one in place!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day for another (and better) outfit.

What do you think? Should I just stick with pencil skirts?