WIW 10.30.13 - Fully Clothed

I slept in this morning. I'm exhausted from a grueling work week. Some days, you have to be content with making it out the door with a shirt on.

Sweater: Anthropologie
T-shirt: Merona
Trousers: Martins from BR

I believe I've figured out why the Martins make me feel dumpy. They look great on other people. The problem, for me, is the pockets. They're positioned right where my hip bones jut out and cause the pockets to flare outward making me look even broader in that area.

Just great. Another "issue" to add to my very long list of pant shopping criteria.

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  • replied 7 years ago

    Amy, I have noticed that with mine. I am going to stitch them shut!

  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    The pockets on my Martins are fine, but I have other pants that do this.  It usually works to just sew them closed.  Sometimes sewing them only partially closed is good enough (depending on where they're puckering.)

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    That's an easy enough fix. Thanks, ladies!

  • Neel replied 7 years ago

    Ohhh ........ I have this problem with some of my formal pants.  Now I know how to fix that!  Thanks ladies!!

    Amy I love the mix of colors on you!!  You are another lady who I know who can mix colours very well!  You rock!  Sometimes *fully clothed* is all we need :)

  • Jules replied 7 years ago

    Was going to say the same about stitching them up. Actually I did something very silly last year and UNstitched some tapered men's wear style pants that are (were) perfect. For some reason I thought, pockets, I should use those! Quickly realized it was a mistake and the only time I really "use" the pockets is for... posing in the mirror aka pretending that I'm taking ylf photos! So embarrassing to admit that :)
    So yeah. I have a similar figure and pocket stitching can make a big difference. 

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago


    I love the sweater -- such a great way to up the wow on a FFBO!  As for the Martins, I have difficulties with pants pockets, too.  Do you have a "high hip?"  When sewing, I learned to use a "French curve" device to move the hip angle a little higher.  I like to think of myself as having "French hips."  Somehow it seems more regal!

  • pil replied 7 years ago

    Well, Amy, you don't look dumpy in the least. Though I do understand not feeling your best in something. I'm enjoying your WIWs :)

  • replied 7 years ago

    I've sewn pockets like that closed too, I also sew white jean pockets and cut the pocket out so it won't show thru. At least you're dressed!  and with those fabulous colors and your bright face nobody will notice your pockets. 

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    You look as vibrant and pretty as a beautiful wild bird. Glad you could sleep in. 

    Have you tried the flared Sloans? 

  • Firecracker replied 7 years ago

    (Laughing at your title!) I love this outfit. You do "fully clothed" beautifully--ha ha! I like the proportion of cardigan and pants, love the print and how it picks up the gray tone from the pants, and that pop of bright citron that lights up the outfit. Those colors are gorgeous on you. Hope you get some relaxing down-time soon.

  • Debra replied 7 years ago

    Amy........you look beautiful. That jumper is stunning, I love how you picked a colour for the accent.

  • No Fear of Fashion replied 7 years ago

    I wish I could say you are wrong, but I think you are right. The pockets do flare a bit. The cardigan though is GREAT. What a beautiful pattern. And what a lovely face you have to compliment it.

  • AndiB replied 7 years ago

    I can't wear any brand of pant or trouser that has a slash pocket for the same reason.  they always buckle out and look ... .not good.  I've had the pockets sewn down and that makes the fit really smooth, so if you really like the pants otherwise, try that.  I generally have learned to just steer away from side slash pocket pants.

  • kellygirl replied 7 years ago

    I love this on you. The top half sweeps the eye up and is so flattering on you that I didn't even notice the pockets until I read your text. Just sew those bad boys shut and you have yourself a great feel good FFBO!

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    Thanks ladies.

    Angie, the Sloans look REALLY bad on me. They are just too snug across the thighs...and bum.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    Love that Anthro sweater on you Amy - so pretty. I have trouble with that type of side pocket too from time to time and will stitch it shut and I've even taken them to my seamstress to have the pocket removed entirely and then sew it shut. Then I don't get any additional fabric bulk at all.

  • AviaMariah replied 7 years ago

    I have that same issue with pants. I love the sweater and the bright colors are perfect for a meh day.

  • Day Vies replied 7 years ago

    You can have the pockets sewn shut -- (I'm trying to save the martin's!) I LOVE this sweater! I also love that you paired it with a gold tee. The colors are just intensified. Marking as a favorite -- Divine!

  • replied 7 years ago

    My martins came with the pockets sewn up, and I thought, hey, I like pockets! But after wearing them once, those babies are going to be sewn up again!

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Amy, I confess it. I could not look at this post all day -- because I wasn't!! I mean, fully clothed. Yes, it was one of those dreaded stay-in-the-PJs work-at-home days. Until I put on workout gear, which I'm still wearing. 

    You, on the other hand, look great!! 

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    Haha, suz. I bet you look stylish in your pjs too.

  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    Ha, you know what, Amy? I just checked my new martins and realized I never cut the pockets open on them, so maybe that's why I didn't have the problem!

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Amy, I ALWAYS sew shut the front side pockets, otherwise they do to me what they do to you and I cannot stand it! If I don't buy pants becasue of the pocket issue I would be pant-less and like Suz had to live in my PJs :-)
    Have you tried Express Editors? We have similar curves and they fit me great.

  • Parsley replied 7 years ago

    Laughing so hard at your post title! I couldn't help but think, "Um, as opposed to the usual stark naked posts???"
    I love the cheerful colors of your cardigan and tee. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes sews pockets shut!

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion, sveta. The editors didn't work on me either. They were also tight in the thighs.

    The loft Julia's seem to fit. I have some on order.

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