A trio of "meh" outfits

I'm trying to mix up items in my closet and wear them in ways I haven't before. Sometimes the results are good, and sometimes not so good. I'm still having fun.

Your suggestions for improvement would be much appreciated.


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  • Joy replied 8 years ago

    Amy, this time of year especially I'm driven to create new outfits for old pieces out of boredom and it's fun.
    I really like all three. You look so polished.
    #1. Love the soft blue with brown. A bit deeper blue might look even better on you.
    #2. This looks so polished, but I'd like to see a bit of belt to finish it off.
    #3. My favorite of the bunch. Polished perfection. I especially like the length of the full skirt on you and the addition of the small flower broach. Love!

  • Amy replied 8 years ago

    Thank you, Joy. I admire your style, so I enjoy reading your perspective. You've made me feel better about these!

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    I particularly enjoy the 1st combination --- Navy would work well with the brown dress, as well. Your hair is the perfect example of how a good short cut can add spark and polish to any kind of clothing.

  • AJ replied 8 years ago

    1) Luv the fit of this brown dress on you! I'm feeling like there might be too much brown in the accessories. Maybe switch the purse? I agree with Joy about a deeper blue topper.

    2) That blouse is gorgeous on you!! I'm wanting to see a sleeker bottom with it though. Maybe your new skinnies? How about my butchered combination below?

    3) This outfit is FABULOUS! Luv the retro feel of it. The silhouette is beautiful on you!

  • Amy replied 8 years ago

    Ouch, AJ, you cut me into pieces! hahaha

    That's awesome, though. I hadn't thought of wearing that blouse with purple. Thanks for the idea!

    I can't wear jeans to the office, unfortunately, so if I were to wear skinnies with the blouse I'd have to do some shopping. Oh, poor me ;)

  • lyn* replied 8 years ago

    #3 is fabulous, Amy! It reminds me of something I'd wear :) That skirt looks wonderful on you; and I looooove the belt detail!

  • Amy replied 8 years ago

    Lyn, whenever I wear that skirt, I do think of you. I love your style!

  • AJ replied 8 years ago

    Sorry, I tried to be as gentle as possible. : P

  • lyn* replied 8 years ago

    Whoot whoot! Well, Amy, you go rock the "Lyn Skirt"!

  • kellygirl replied 8 years ago

    I really love 1 the bestest! The combination of brown and blue is so pretty. I like the others as well too. I think the belt in 3 could work on 2. You always look so polished and pretty, Amy!

  • Tina replied 8 years ago

    I love them all, they all have different silohuettes (sp?) but they all suit you perfectly. #1 is my favorite, I just love the dress with that cardi, those colors look so good together and the fit of the dress... What a great post!

  • Elly replied 8 years ago

    Two needs structure--- maybe blouse untucked with a substantial belt? The proportions might be a little off too. Mostly the issue is the soft on soft wide and drapey on wide and drapey. Maybe untucked with a vest?

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    Well, straight after what Elly said......#2 happens to be my favourite! Its such a devastatingly elegant look - and so very catwalk-y. Your legs go on FOR MILES, and you aren't even trying, Amy. The neckline with your short hair and earrings is a magical combination.That's a k-word worthy look and one of my faves you have ever posted.

    You make "meh" look amazing.

  • krishnidoux replied 8 years ago

    #1 and #2 are my favourites.

  • Belladogga replied 8 years ago

    #1 if my favourite- love the structured dress and it fits you perfectly. #2 inspires me - I got that blouse (part of my YLF influenced first ever Nordstrom order) to wear with mustard coloured jeans and hadn't thought to pair it with dark trousers as part of a work ensemble. When I saw #3 I immediately thought of Lyn.

  • Mochi replied 8 years ago

    I love all these outfits and they're a great blueprint for something perhaps even better! (definitely not meh, in other words)

    First outfit (and I hesitate to make suggestions, if they would infer the purchase of anything new)--it is very mod and cool. Maybe break up the brown by subbing in some tall black boots? Different-colored cardi? Basic structure is awesome here.

    Second outfit--it's really perfect. No comments. Just for fun you could try some red or other bright earrings on top, but otherwise I would not change a thing.

    Third outfit--I really like this and it's very cool and interesting as well as chic. That skirt is amazing and not everyone could wear it that well. My feeling (take with grain of salt) is that for YOU, this is a lot of black, which you might want to tone down. Because you have rather light coloring. I would try a non-black bolero on top and see if that changes things for the better. Again, the basic structure need not be tweaked at all.

    You are forbidden to use the self-descriptor "meh."

  • Jjsloane replied 8 years ago

    Not bad for "meh". I had a technical issue with my "pants week" which is probably for the best as I felt kind of "meh" most days.
    But back to YOU. I really like #1. It's a lot of brown, but very flattering and I love the soft blue cardi with it and the hint of color on the scarf.
    #2 is not my favorite with blousey on top of full, but it's not unflattering (who am I to contradict Angie?) I think I'd prefer it untucked and belted too or a slimmer bottom (skirt). It could also be the angle of the photo- I often think something looks better IRL than the one photo I manage to take.
    #3 is very nice, but I agree a lot of black. Still a winner and much better than "meh:"

  • kimana517 replied 8 years ago

    Meh? I disagree! The brown dress fits you wonderfully, the pants outfit makes me think of Katharine Hepburn, and the skirt outfit makes me think of Audrey Hepburn! You got two Hepburns! =oD

  • Queen Mum replied 8 years ago

    a-meh-zing :)
    LOVE #1. That is my favorite of the bunch. I do agree that the brown bag is probably a bit overkill... do you have a cream colored bag? That might be the ticket.

  • Claudia replied 8 years ago

    Not "meh" to me -- at all. You look lovely and professional with personality here.

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    You look gorgeous in all of them. That brown dress would be even punchier with purple or pink or something a little stronger looking than the soft blue.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    I keep looking and looking and looking at these outfits and I can't find any "meh" in any of them Amy! I love all of these outfits. They are ladylike, classic, and a wee bit of edge here and there. I'm loving the soft blue with brown - a fabulous colour combination and that brown dress looks like it fits you perfectly. And the simplicity of the pants/blouse combination is DIVINE. You look tall and elegant. And the third combination with the skirt is gorgeous. I could only wish to be this "meh"!

  • Jewell replied 8 years ago

    I love all three of these looks- definitely not "meh" in my book! The only suggestion I have is to switch the soft blue topper in #1 for a teal or a turquoise one.

  • shevia replied 8 years ago

    Not meh at all! You look great in all three - I like the light blue color with the brown - unexpected and pretty.

  • Amy replied 8 years ago

    Ok, you gals really are too much. You are so nice! Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions.

    All the brown bothered me in #1. I think a different purse would be a big improvement.

    Ironically (considering Angie's comment), the thing that bothered me about #2 was how disproportionately long my legs looked. I didn't feel that skewed when I wore it, so perhaps there's something to the camera angle mentioned by JJSloane.

    I agree that that's a lot of black for me in #3, which is why I felt a bit boring. I like the black shrug so much--perhaps I should get the red version too.

    Mochi, don't hold back your suggestions. Even if I'm not planning on shopping right now, I can put the ideas into my wishlist.

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