WIW 11.12.13 - Safari-esque

This jacket has something of a girly safari vibe to it. I think it's the olive color, the zippers and pockets. My spotted top = a leopard dashing across the plain.

Jacket - Classiques Entier
Shirt - B/W Market
Skirt - Halogen
Boots - Clarks


WIW 11.11.13 - Running Out the Door

Our power was out this weekend, so things like alarm clocks got out of whack. I woke up only 20 minutes before I had to be on the bus, so this was a very rushed morning. I hope I don't look too...discomposed...today.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Thank you!

Jacket: asos
Top & Pants: Loft
Shoes: Crown Vintage


WIW 11.8.13 - Cozy Outfit

I was traumatized yesterday by our rainy and windy weather. My son's soccer practice was cancelled - which NEVER happens here for a little rain. Today, I decided to bundle up--and guess what, it's sunny and nice out, if a little chilly. Go figure, lol.

I could not resist this blouse. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it doesn't go with any of the bottoms in my closet. I will be shopping to remedy this :) I think I would have preferred bootcuts in a lighter wash for this outfit.

Sweater - handknit by me
Blouse - Willi Smith from TJ Maxx
Jeans - AE
Shoes - Born


WIW 11.7.13 - Polka Dots

My clothing is getting more and more somber. I used to wear lots of color, so am not sure why I'm wearing so many dark pieces lately. I tried to liven things up with polka dots, bling and nude hose instead of opaque tights. Does this work?

Jacket: Classiques Entier
Sweater: Loft
Skirt: Halogen Seamed Pencil
Boots: Clarks

Thanks, as always, for your comments and suggestions!


WIW 11.6.13 - Checkered

I absolutely could not resist this Ann Taylor skirt. It's in a refined fabric with a flirty silhouette with a quirky patchwork look....and it was 40% off of an already marked down price. YAY!

Top: thrifted
Jacket: Halogen
Boots: Clarks

Layers are key for me at this time of year. I'll need the jacket to keep me warm while my office "heater" blows out cold air all morning. I'll need to strip that off in the afternoon when the heater starts working and turns my office into an oven.

P.S. I just noticed that my dress form is in a state of deshabille. I must cover the poor gal up!


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WIW 11.5.13 - Red & animal print

I'm laughing at myself for thinking that I was going to donate this jacket the other day. I've worn it twice since then. It's good not to be too hasty :)

Jacket: Gap
Top: White House Black Market
Pants: Lafayette 148
Boots: Munro


WIW 11.4.13 - To the Opera & to the Office

Outfit #1 - I ordered a bunch of things from Boden recently and didn't like anything except this green lace blouse. It's quite boxy, though, so I tried to tame it with a belt. I suspect I'll like it better in general when worn under a suit jacket than belted like this.

Outfit #2 - I'm trying to put my navy Lanai into rotation. I like it a lot, but it demands a kind of simplicity I'm not all that comfortable with.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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WIW 11.1.13 - Crimson & Cats

Today is casual Friday. I knew I wanted to wear these jeans and this belt. The top and jacket were thrown on in desperation at the last minute, because none of my planned items worked out quite right. A bright color and silly kitty print do help me feel more lively; however, I'm thinking that I might put both into the donate pile soon. The color of the jacket is a little too...electric. While I adore the print on the kitty shirt, the fabric isn't crisp enough to suit me. I don't know. I may hang on to them until I have a little more robust selection of tops to choose from.

ETA: My collar seems to be imposing a Disco Stu look on me whether or not I like it. It refuses to stay put under the jacket. My 70's persona can't be repressed.


WIW 10.30.13 - Fully Clothed

I slept in this morning. I'm exhausted from a grueling work week. Some days, you have to be content with making it out the door with a shirt on.

Sweater: Anthropologie
T-shirt: Merona
Trousers: Martins from BR

I believe I've figured out why the Martins make me feel dumpy. They look great on other people. The problem, for me, is the pockets. They're positioned right where my hip bones jut out and cause the pockets to flare outward making me look even broader in that area.

Just great. Another "issue" to add to my very long list of pant shopping criteria.


WIW 10.29.13 - Put a Bow on It

I often feel my best in a combination of skirt/dress + something whimsical + something homemade. This pushes all of those buttons for me.

Sweater: Banana Republic
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Skirt: Made by Me
Booties: Kelly and Katie