WIW 11.12.13 - Safari-esque

This jacket has something of a girly safari vibe to it. I think it's the olive color, the zippers and pockets. My spotted top = a leopard dashing across the plain.

Jacket - Classiques Entier
Shirt - B/W Market
Skirt - Halogen
Boots - Clarks

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  • lyn67 replied 10 years ago

    Amy, it looks like you have some good basics, and so- no wonder putting them together for a chic outfit is no brain! Love the olive against the animals. +Zipers are so trendy-and give some interest changing classic into modern, at least to my eyes.

  • replied 10 years ago

    Love that leopard top with the olive!

  • kkards replied 10 years ago

    love the detail on that jacket. i really like how the shirt adds interest to this outfit. and the olive jacket adds a depht of color.

  • carambola replied 10 years ago

    Ooh, sophisticated safari! Love it. Really like the necklace with this.

  • LACeleste replied 10 years ago

    I really like this Amy.  The jacket over the top is so great!

  • Sona replied 10 years ago

    Oh my. YLF. I don't have an olive jacket but really want one after seeing you in this!

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    WOW. That jacket is absolutely killer on you, Amy. Fantastic look. 

  • replied 10 years ago


  • peacechick replied 10 years ago

    Really polished jacket despite the safari vibes. I love the match with the animal print. And can I compliment your camera set up? I need something as professional as that!

  • Astrid replied 10 years ago

    Fantastic! I never imagined safari could be so chic.

  • Aida replied 10 years ago

    Chicest lady at the safari! I like how the white based print lightens up the look.

  • annagybe replied 10 years ago

    Looks good!

  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago

    I love it! You are giving my ideas for a cheetah turtleneck I have hmm...

  • Jaime replied 10 years ago

    Great! I have noticed that your outfits at first glance look lovely and then after I recover from the blast of pretty I notice all the interesting detail.

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    "Girly Safari?"  Sounds like a Beach Boys song --- and like a great vacation idea!

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    Ooops!  Hit send too quickly:

    Love this outfit, particularly the jacket.  Have you tried this with some burgundy or navy?  Just thinking of interesting color combos!

  • Amy replied 10 years ago

    Beth Ann, you are funny. Now I'm going to have to make up some lyrics about a girly safari. Should keep me amused during my commute. I like your alternate color suggestions too. Need more layering tops :)

  • sarah replied 10 years ago

    Oh, wow, Amy - I love this combination!

  • Joy replied 10 years ago

    Love the jacket. The outfit is a winner

  • Neel replied 10 years ago

    That is the most polished yet edgy olive green jacket I have ever seen.
    Love it with black and white!

  • AJ replied 10 years ago

    Another FAB work look! The beaded necklace was a good choice too.

    Are those boots good for narrow calves?

  • Hil replied 10 years ago

    Fantastic Amy! You look gorgeous!

  • Lantana replied 10 years ago

    I absolutely love this Amy. You look so darned elegant, it would be a high end safari I think.

  • Mochi replied 10 years ago

    That is a really fun jacket, Amy. The color works great for you. CE makes some very nice things (their tops--wish I could afford to stock up on most of them). I like the entire look, of course. You are tops at combining items. 

  • Amy replied 10 years ago

    Thanks, ladies. AJ, my calves are on the narrow side at 13.5 inches. These boots are a year or so old, so I'm not sure if they are still available.

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