WIW 11.1.13 - Crimson & Cats

Today is casual Friday. I knew I wanted to wear these jeans and this belt. The top and jacket were thrown on in desperation at the last minute, because none of my planned items worked out quite right. A bright color and silly kitty print do help me feel more lively; however, I'm thinking that I might put both into the donate pile soon. The color of the jacket is a little too...electric. While I adore the print on the kitty shirt, the fabric isn't crisp enough to suit me. I don't know. I may hang on to them until I have a little more robust selection of tops to choose from.

ETA: My collar seems to be imposing a Disco Stu look on me whether or not I like it. It refuses to stay put under the jacket. My 70's persona can't be repressed.

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  • Marmee replied 7 years ago

    I think you look great today, but I can see what you mean about the electric color of the jacket.  You are so funny about your collar.  I was going to post a picture of an outfit I wore to a ladies luncheon with my mother, but after I took picture I noticed the collar was totally spread out, and it was just too painful to look at!

  • Thistle replied 7 years ago

    You look teriffic! I love the drape of the shirt, and the jacket really livens up the dark jeans.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Fantastic. Playful and polished. A great casual friday look - and weekend look for that matter. 

    Are you loving your re-bobbed hair? 

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    I think it is a fun outfit, Amy. The color of this jacket is definitely attention grabbing but it unexpectedly works well with dark navy of the shirt.
    I have the same shirt and usually wear it in more relaxed way because ou are right, it is not the crispest shirt ever. However it is really goot to do a semi-tuck with becuase it drapes well. I hope you find ways to wear it becaus ethe print is fun.

  • AviaMariah replied 7 years ago

    I love that jacket!  Perfect when you need a pick-me-up.

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago

    Great example of how to stay relaxed, but polished on casual Friday.  I love you in brights, but color should always boost the wearer, and it's true that sometimes wearing bright color can be a bit like hanging out with a high maintenance friend demanding all the attention for herself!

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    LOVE! Whence does yon kitty shirt hail, may I ask?

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    Thanks :) Rae, the kitty shirt was from the Gap this past spring.

    Angie, yes, I'm enjoying my bob. This is really my default hairstyle. I've had bobs on an off since I was in Kindergarten...mostly on.

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    You look really cute in this -- and you are also funny. I hate when my collars won't behave. But it makes sense in a way, in a cat shirt. Kitties rarely obey. 

  • replied 7 years ago

    I think this looks good! I like the colour of the blazer on you a lot.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    I really like this outfit Amy and I adore those jeans on you. This is "our" Gap tomato red blazer, correct? I'm also not feeling any love for the jacket these days and haven't worn it in at least 6 months. Maybe it's because we're not really seeing any bright red in the stores these days?

    I'm going to tuck mine into the downstairs closet (my holding zone) for a while before doing anything hasty though.

  • Nicole D replied 7 years ago

    You look like you stepped out of a magazine.  Polished but not overdone.  Fab jacket!

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    Thank you, everyone.

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    Great outfit. I love the kitty shirt, and your shoes are fab!

  • pil replied 7 years ago

    Kitty shirt and jeans look really nice, Amy. I see what you are saying about the jacket but it still looks good. I'm probably way off base here, but do you suppose pairing it with solids in more of a medium tone like gray/slate or maybe olive would help tame the brightness a bit?

  • Mochi replied 7 years ago

    I like it. The jacket is a bold and unexpected color choice, and the cats...it's a kitty column of color and both sophisticated and discreetly whimsical. Really nice. 

  • Ornella replied 7 years ago

    I like this jacket on you.
    I like the whole outfit.
    You are S-too funny.

  • Jjsloane replied 7 years ago

    Stu wishes he looked this great! Perfect Casual Friday look!

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