WIW 01/14/13 - Musings on Posh Eclectic Style

In recent discussions about style labels, and in particular discussions about artsy eclectic style, I've been surprised at the number of negative associations people have with "arty" dressing. For me, the term "art" is tied to the fine arts, not with arts and crafts. I got the impression that it's the exact opposite for many people.

Angie's description of the artsy eclectic style resonated with me, particularly in the attraction to retro styles and unique accessories.

Just out of curiosity, I consulted the Lucky Guide to Style and noted that it draws a distinction between Posh Eclectic and Arty Sleek. Posh Eclectic is “a certain madcap glamor; made up of equal parts country-estate frump and the black-sheep aristocrat’s disregard for what’s acceptable." A posh eclectic gal wouldn't think twice about wearing silk, tweed, lace, pearls and rubber boots. I identify with this.

Arty Sleek, on the other hand, is more of a combination of avant-garde with minimalism. Lots of black. Asymmetry. I like it, but it's not me.

So, for these considerations, I'm going to work with the "Posh Eclectic" label for the time-being. Today's outfit reflects that.

I'm wearing a gabardine jacket with gold buttons, silk pussy-bow blouse and wool micro check pants. My favorite element is the waistcoat I made out of my uncle's old silk ties.


WIW 01/11/13 - Handmade Friday

I've missed most of the week due to migraines, but I'm back to work today. It's cold out, so I pulled out a handknit sweater, my Brooks Brothers blouse, Martin trousers and added a pair of handmade earrings.


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WIW 01/07/2013 - Fur Vest

Running off to work, so this will be a quickie:

Fur Vest - Jenava's from swap
turtleneck - BR
Pants - BR
Booties - Munro, will be returning since they pinch my toes - not wearing them ;)
Necklace - made by me


WIW 01/04/2013 - Casual Friday

...or, Whatever Happened to Jump in My Hands in the Dark When I was getting Dressed...

Gap Jacket - I'm not sure why I keep buying things that are this particular shade of red. It's a challenging color to wear. It does make me feel awake on a dreary Seattle day, so that's a plus!

Striped t-shirt from H&M
NYDJ straight leg jeans
Vince Camuto Booties
Chunky faux turquoise and silver necklace


WIW 1/3: orange and grey

I'd like to take more wiw photos in 2013, so some will be quick and dirty like this cell phone photo of my reflection in the bathroom mirror. :)

Sweater: gap
BR Martin trousers
Clark's shoes
Homemade necklace


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WIW 01/01/13 - Stripes and Spots

I wish I could take outfit photos in natural light, but my schedule doesn't allow for it. The flash makes my tights look sheer, but they're opaque.

This outfit was inspired by one of Annagybe's.


Sweater: TJ Maxx
Red Skirt - Sewn by me. It's very similar to the Halogen seamed pencil skirt
Dotty Booties - Vince Camuto
Gold Necklace - vintage